Monday, March 14, 2011

Volcano in southern Japan erupts

Volcano in southern Japan erupts

Sunday's eruption, which was the biggest volcanic activity in Shinmoedake in 52 years, caused widespread destruction and panic. The blast could be heard for miles, and shattered windows four miles away, the BBC reported. Hundreds of people fled the area as the volcano spewed debris, including hot ash and rocks, more than 6,000 feet in the air, according to BBC reports.

Power Plant Air Pollution Kills 13,000 People Per Year, Coal-Fired Are Most Hazardous: ALA Report

How's this for bad reporting?
In a nation besieged with grief over mounting casualties, fears of possible radiation and the threat of more earthquakes, the nightmare grew for Japanese residents Monday as thousands of bodies reportedly were found and crews struggled to keep damaged nuclear plants under control.

Wouldn't the average reader believe that the bodies were associated with the unfolding nuclear power plant disaster?

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What abut the effect of major earthquakes on the vast industrial complexes of oil refineries, chemical plants and nuclear facilities that dot the West Coast of the U.S.? Should applications for continued use of existing plants, such as the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in northern San Diego County be approved?
Japan's crisis may have already derailed 'nuclear renaissance'

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