Friday, March 25, 2011


If you rely on the main stream media to identify issues you need to pay attention to, you are being misdirected. Japan's epic catastrophe and the looming problems at the Fukushima reactors should still have our attention.  MSM is like a young dog whose discipline is broken by a passing squirrel. Only in this case the squirrel is anything that resembles war.

However, let us not be lead astray, let's keep our attention where it should be:
Fukushima is like a cancer eating away at the habitat of the East coast of Japan. Whilst the situation appears to be stable, a number of slow burning processes must inevitably be eating away at the heart of these reactors. The solution to a number of these problems is to restore fresh water circulation to each of the cores and the spent fuel ponds. Whether or not the pumping systems work remains to be seen. Disposing of the salty radioactive sludge from inside the reactor vessels presents another major challenge.

It seems possible that the current meta stable condition may persist for many more weeks, and all the while the release and accumulation of radioactive isotopes in the environment will continue. And there is still risk of a catastrophic failure due to heat or corrosion that would result in the status degrading rapidly. It is too early to call this crisis over.

Fukushima Dai-ichi status and slow burning issues

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