Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The anti nuke sentiment is as strong as ever

These people are all for letting the science speak for itself when it comes to climate change... but not so much for nuclear power. I can't stand to read another blog post full of knee jerk emotional response to the events in Japan.

Lesson number one from Japan: Do not put backup generators in the basement if you are in an area vulnerable to tsunamis.


  1. Your readers might be interested in the pertinent question of how to treat their radioactively contaminated drinking water:

  2. I'm all for education and understanding of the dangers of radiation... but I'd like to point out that the death toll in Japan due to the leaks in the spent fuel pool in number 4 and and reactor containment building in number 2 (I think) have not killed anybody yet. I expect there will be a death toll among the plant workers and firefighters due to fatal doses of radiation, but the amounts that the general population has thus far been exposed to is not that serious. Like a CT scan is one comparison I've seen.

  3. What to do with the spent fuel must be solved before I'll feel comfortable with nuclear reactors.