Sunday, March 13, 2011


The uproar over the nuclear emergency in Japan after a mag 9 + huge tsunami is embarrassing to me.
It is bad, but nothing like Chernobyl. It will not be like Chernobyl, ever, because the containment of the Japanese reactors is holding. Small releases, similar to Three Mile Island, have been intentional.
In spite of the fact that this overwhelming catastrophe is orders of magnitude worse than the nuclear power plants were designed to withstand, they are holding.   There may be a few die of radiation poisoning, but those will be the workers, not the nearby (or far afield) residents. I grieve for them, as I do the 10s of thousands who were swept away by the tsunami.

Chernobyl killed 4000 over all, including those that died due to long term effects of exposure.
How many, total,  have died due to nuclear power plants? It's a minuscule amount compared to those who have died because of coal... not to mention the millions who will die due to CO2 emission.
Get real people!

I figured out the main reason that I am so embarrassed by the climate hawk reaction to these nuclear power plant emergencies. It's because they are ignoring the science, and instead, reacting to their own anti-nuk bias. Much like the deniers scoff at the science of climate change because it does not support their agenda.. For shame.

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