Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eye opener

I have really had my eyes opened to threats posed by nuclear power plants that I was totally unaware of.
Perhaps you have too.
This is disconcerting, because nuclear power was the one CO2 free source of electricity that could replace coal in time to prevent calamitous increases in global temperature (more than 2C).

Of course, these circumstances were exceptional. Both the magnitude of the earthquake and the size of the tsunami exceeded the most pessimistic predictions.  But perhaps it will be shown, as the facts are gathered and the story pieced together, that the Japanese had become complacent about the safety of nuclear power. Just as we did with regard to the space shuttle, resulting in the loss of two crews.  Nuclear power, like space travel, is inherently dangerous. We must not forget that.


  1. I'm begining to think we are not ready for nuclear power.

  2. All plans for new plants are on hold. All procedures for existing plants are being reviewed. This is what they should do.