Sunday, March 13, 2011

Drumbeat Special Edition: Fukushima Thread

Drumbeat Special Edition: Fukushima Thread
Without nuclear power it is very unlikely we can meet our goals, to reduce CO2 emissions enough to mitigate climate change.
If the extrodinary events in Japan that lead to the failure of these 40 year old nuclear power plants keep us from deploying safer 4th generation fission plants... we would be stupid indeed.
If you summed all the people who have died because of coal power and compared it to all those who have died because of nuclear power, you might see the risk differently.
And, of course, nuclear power plants have not contributed to climate change... and if we continue BAU, millions will die in the next few decades, and in the long run, civilization may face extinction.

Of course wind, solar, and geothermal, plus several other sources that are currently under development, are better. But do not let perfect be the enemy of good. Once we don't need nuclear anymore, we can dismantle them... and shoot the waste into the sun.

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  1. I reluctantly agree that nuclear is a lesser of evils kind of choice.