Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long hot summer

The U.S. remains the only major industrialized nation not to have legislated caps on carbon emissions, after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last week withdrew climate legislation in the face of resistance from Republicans and some Democrats.

The U.S. inaction, dating back to the 1990s, is a key reason global talks have bogged down for a pact to succeed the expiring Kyoto Protocol. That is the relatively weak accord on emissions cuts adhered to by all other industrialized states.

Governments around the world, especially in poorer nations that will be hard-hit, are scrambling to find ways and money to adapt to shifts in climate and rising seas.

Long hot summer of fire and floods fit predictions

You can thank Big Oil and Big Coal and their buddies in congress for this shameful situation... that the world's only remaining super power is so laggard. Currently about 40 people (GOP senators) have hamstrung our federal government.

But, if it weren't, wouldn't huge $$ incentives to find ways to reduce CO2 emissions result in America becoming the innovator she used to be? Global demand would persist even in this rotten recession wouldn't it?

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