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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inactions have consequences

You often hear so called conservative politicians deny that climate change is real, or that it is real but caused by sun spots, or some other drivel. This position on climate change is at odds with the pro-business position generally considered a cornerstone of conservative politics.

Failing to address climate change is bad for business. The consequences of climate change are bad for business.

(Reuters) - Alternative energy investment prospects have shriveled in the United States after the U.S. Senate was unable to break a deadlock over tackling global warming, a Deutsche Bank official said.

Deutsche Bank spurns U.S. for climate investment

Climate-related disasters like we’ve seen across the world and at home will inevitably harm American businesses. That’s why the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which is tasked with making sure that investors are aware of an investment’s risks, has made it clear for the first time that climate change will have a sizeable impact on some businesses’ profits.

Climate Change Is Bad for Business
Disasters Hurt the Bottom Line

I wanted to see if the GOP leadership had altered its views on climate change. After all, it was they who killed the bill.

So I started with John Boehner who has made fun of those who consider CO2 a pollutant. But like most politicians he seems to be able to say lots of words without making any commitment to a position except that he's against taxing CO2 and claims it hurt the European economy when they did it. Experts disagree.
Boehner's in the house, and the house passed a bill, so he's not really relevant (55% of Americans never heard of him!)

Mitch McConnell is the minority leader in the senate, where the bill died. He was vehemently opposed to the cap and trade component of the bill. Making the same claims Boehner did (from the GOP playbook).

Inhofe is famous for his 'Global Warming is a Hoax' statements. He is a Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works!

Carley Fiorina, who is running against Barbara Boxer is ardently opposed to cap and trade, citing the GOP playbook reasons, that it'd lead to job losses and more government regulation (which is evil unless it's telling you who you can marry). (So is the venerable Dr. James Hansen but he wants a carbon tax).

Meg Whitman wants to be California's Governor and she says she would suspend AB32, again quoting from the GOP playbook.

So all but Inhofe are aware the climate change is real... they just don't think it's as important as low taxes and small government. But since they're all saying the same thing I wonder if they're individuals, or just part of single organism.

The nut cases like Sharron Angle, Ron Johnson, Steve Pierce, Ken Buck, Linda McMahon, Marco Rubio... this list is long GOP candidates knock global warming

Love this
With every passing day the deniers seem more and more absurdly detached from climate science, wallowing instead in climate witchcraft. Taunting them now might bring some satisfaction were it not for the fact that through their obstructionism they have grabbed the steering wheel of this country's energy policy which is rapidly becoming a ship not just of fools, but a ship of the selfish and cruel.

Criminal Neglect Of Future Generations

Watch this!

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  1. Watched the video. This sort of thing is evil and by measure of the MSM insidious and even predatory.