Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Shell oil appears to be sincere about being part of the solution.
What if the industry spent the time and money finding alternatives to oil, coal instead of discrediting climate change science and lobbying?
Need to see if Shell is two faced. Stay tuned.

There is something wrong with this logic.

But the really epic crash may not be in the climate, it may be in human civilization, which is by now entirely dependent for its growth and complexity on relatively cheap, relatively abundant fossil fuels. The absence of extreme global warming will be of little comfort if we end up in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max hellscape

What if there’s much less coal than we think?

Big Think series
Our Energy Future

Bill McKibben

Pakistan's government stability threatened by flood.

Pakistan's economy in ruins, billions of dollars and years to recover. Fifty percent of Pakistanis live off the land. The 20% of the country that is covered in water was their bread basket. Six million homeless and likely to remain that way for months, even years.
What if the flood this year in Pakistan becomes the norm? It doesn't take much to visualize a completely different country, one much much poorer than before, and one without a functioning government. Terrorists take over. All the worst events forecast by climate change.

27 inches sea level rise no matter what we do...affect around 150 million people living in low-lying coastal areas, including some of the world's largest cities
Sea Level to Rise Even With Aggressive Geo-Engineering and Greenhouse Gas Control, Study Finds

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  1. You would think at least one oil co. would begin transforming to future energy ( whatever it may be ) and beat the others to the punch.