Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mother Nature is incredibly powerful

Real adaptation is as politically tough as real mitigation, but much more expensive and not as effective in reducing future misery is a good read, although the distinction between adaptation and mitigation is fuzzy to me (e.g. converting to carbon neutral fuels is an adaptation isn't it? ) So here the term is defined narrowly to mean learning to live on a hotter planet. And if we continue as we have it is probable that the only "adaptation" is migration. There's just so much you can do to prevent floods and get water and food from where it is plentiful to where the people need it... case in point Pakistan.

Those who insist we can adapt are thinking it's only the poor of Africa, and western Asia that will have serious changes to adapt to. Will it take a category 3 or better hitting Manhattan to get through to them?
We may soon see three concurrent hurricanes in the Atlantic.

All my life I have seen and heard people underestimate nature. It would be in all our best interests to rethink this. Man is not master on this planet and never has been.

Mass Extinction Event playing now in an ecosystem near you

We depend on Mother Earth more than we appreciate.
Protect nature for world economic security, warns UN biodiversity chief

This and that:

Glen Beck rally getting press. I pity the poor folks who think Beck is real... but at least he's not spewing claims that climate change is a hoax anymore. Hmmm gets me to thinking that if we can get these tin foil hat types to see climate change as the enemy... like communism and hippies, we might have a powerful weapon to using against a balky congress.

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