Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dire predictions

As many in the American empire longingly talk of "recovery" from the most devastating economic condition since the Great Depression, others have begun thinking in a very different direction, urging fellow citizens to prepare for the worst.
As the financial collapse runs its course, Orlov said, people can expect some imports to be cut off. Energy, above all cheap oil, will be the most important import to dry up. Transportation fuels will also become scarce, bringing on the next stage of social collapse: the commercial sphere, he noted.

"People will lose access to various products that they need," Orlov said.

Much has already collapsed in the commercial sphere. Vacant strip malls and deserted grocery stores clutter the landscape in many parts of the country.
Exclusive: US empire will fall due to lack of faith, not finances or war, author warns

Look around. Shuttered businesses, congested crumbling roads, huge numbers of foreclosures and horrific unemployment.

And continued inaction on mitigating climate change.  I have already lost faith in government.

Read his blog piece comparing the Gulf Oil disaster to Chernobyl.

I don't really agree that the two disasters are comparable in the damage done, but they are in terms of how incompetence is what allowed them to happen. 

We are children playing with matches

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