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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meetings meetings meetings

This week 17 nations will meet in NY to dither over how they can avoid committing to anything to save the planet (snark)
They'll do the same thing in Geneva later this month, Tianjin China in October and Cancun in November.
World powers to tackle climate amid skepticism

In this case the skepticism isn't about whether AGW is happening.  It's about whether the world's governments will be willing to do anything about it.

Reminds me of the old joke
"We'll continue to have these meetings until we figure out why nothing is getting done"

Meanwhile northern India is experiencing floods from unusually heavy monsoons.
India floods leave 2 mln homeless, destroy crops
I know somebody somewhere is keeping track of the annual death toll due to floods, but I can't find it.
This is cool though

Words words words
The Millennium Development Goals remain as good an organizing framework as we have for how to meet the shared and urgent needs of people everywhere.

But we must look beyond 2015. To ensure that our achievements are enduring and sustainable, we must increasingly consider the growing threat of climate change in our development policies.

Climate Change Threatens to Undermine Progress on Development

They have a good pitch. But no ball.

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