Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why I started this blog?

I had an epiphany that the global economy can't handle climate change unless we really change our priorities, including the demand for growth. Since our economic system depends on growth we are going to have to develop brand new things that help our life support system instead of destroy it. The things we leave behind, like fossil fuels... well there are going to be some painful adjustments required of all of us, but it is truely do or die.

Now the main stream media is starting to get the picture:
If the United States has entered an era in which mega-storms, perhaps related to climate change, are becoming the “new normal,” it will create new spending pressures at a time when federal revenues every year are falling roughly $1 trillion short of outlays. If you factor in a growing population and development in coastal areas, then storm damage is likely to become even more expensive over time.
Catastrophic storms’ costs put cloud over federal budgets

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