Monday, December 10, 2012

The real deal folks

An increasingly disruptive climate and a bankrupt nation could be the legacy we leave our children. According to projections presented to the U.S. Congress by Tufts University economist Frank Ackerman, inaction will cost our nation more than 1 percent of GDP by 2025 - more than $200 billion a year. And costs will skyrocket from there to an estimated $1.8 trillion a year by 2100.
Read more here: Obama wants to understand climate change? Listen to us and Sandy, too

2012 Is The Hottest, Most Extreme Year In U.S. History

This is the real deal folks. If you live in a vulnerable area, you might want to consider stockpiling food and water and not count on FEMA or your county's equivalent to come save you.

Severe Weather Information and Brochures:

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