Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pity or contempt

small group of demonstrators was on hand in Minneapolis today for the arrival of a global warming author and speaker. Dr. Michael Mann spoke Wednesday at the Geological Society of America's annual meeting at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Mann is a physicist and climatologist and is best known as one of the originators of a graph of temperature trends in the past one-thousand years, known as the 'hockey stick graph."

Members of the organization, Minnesota Majority, protested Mann's Minneapolis speech calling it "fraudulent." Dan McGrath was among the roughly 10 people protesting, calling Mann "among the most guilty parties in what we call the global warming scam."
Protestors Greet Global Warming Author in Minneapolis

I would be laughing out loud if this was not so tragic. Clearly the protesters are sincere. The Rush Limbaughs of the world have brain washed them. They are victims, and worthy of compassion.

Not so the Rick Perrys of the world. They know better. For these types I feel nothing but contempt.

Texas Censors Scientists' Work Revealing Impacts of Climate Change

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