Sunday, October 16, 2011

Greg Allen at Climate Change Conference August 15 2010

Our civilization is based upon MAXIMIZING consumption of natural resources, manipulating matter and energy and discharging waste


We need to change our DNA I guess.

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  1. There's no guessing when it comes to presenting viable ways in which to lessen our impact planet Earth which sustains life through its gifts. Instead of, "Wow We need to change our DNA I guess.", why not, "Wow, here are alternatives that can aid in helping preserve our planet for future generations." It's not the DNA we need to change, it is our behavioral patterns that require change...and...positive change at that. Thank you for posting these very important videos that aid in spreading positive awareness about what we can do to help future generations appreciate what we have in the here and now, because, we're working towards preserving what little we have left on planet Earth. Wow, no guessing here...just the facts and not hyperbole. This is good! Peace!