Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some thoughts

I think Hansen said in one of the videos I've posted that it will be strange not having a stable coastline. In the decades to come sea level will change at an accelerated rate. The beach you went to as a kid will no longer exist.

Infrastructure will cost a ton of bucks to replace, e.g. SFO. That money will, therefore, not be available to spend elsewhere... like for health care.

I read a lot of fiction... I am fond of thrillers. Whenever I buy a book I make sure it was not written too long ago. The advent of the internet and cell phone make many of the older plots fall apart.

This will be true in the future as well. Stories that are set in New Orleans or Florida... will have an expiration date, as, in the decades and centuries to come, these places disappear. Even if we succeed in arresting climate change, this is true. What's already begun will continue.

As a species, especially in modern times, we're not used to maps having to be redrawn ever decade or so.

Would you pay $10 for an avocado or an orange?
What will you do when gas is $10/gal?

As food becomes more and more expensive because of drought, flood and fuel prices, what do you think is going to happen to the economy? Will you eat out as often? Where will you trim spending to cover the extra costs of food and fuel? How will that impact your town? Your neighbors? Your job?

Where do you live? Are you in a place prone to flood? Drought? Tornados? Hurricanes? Do you feel safe now? Do you think you'll feel the same in a decade? Two?

It's all connected... and it's all going to change... faster than any of us will be comfortable with. And that is optimistic!


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