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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Odds and ends

Supreme Court takes global warming case that targets power companies
If the court rules that pollution is a form of free speech I'm moving to Canada (or New Zealand).

Fantastic solar plastic breakthrough
I'm waiting for solar paint.

Meet the Anti Christ
Scroll down to the Beck segment. Man these guys are crazy!
Ho Ho Ho Green Dragon. I think it has nice ring to it don't you?.


Each year there are 350,000 people dying due to climate change, with a total death toll by 2020 of five million; each year after that deaths from climate change are likely to be as high as one million people annually--that is unless we take action to soften the blow with immediate and rapid greenhouse gas emission reductions. That's the word from DARA's new Climate Vulnerability Monitor: The State of the Climate Crisis.
Climate Change to Kill 5 Million People Globally by 2020 & It Just Goes Up Each Year After That

Unfortunately it's the least able to protect themselves that die first. Children. Poor children.

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