Friday, December 3, 2010

Afraid new world

I had a dream of buying a few acres somewhere up north... and that I, and my friends and family would live off the land. I simple life, full of hard work.


Real Estate is still in the toilet. No buyers. No lenders. Owning land might be a very bad idea if you need to move out of the way of climate changes..
Then I noted an article about how "up north" might be impacted by climate change.
Then I saw a map predicting that "up north" area as having much greater warming than the southwest where I live now.  I know it's just a model, and the models still need a lot of work, but it made the point that we don't know where the safe places are going to be.

And it sunk in that we are experiencing abrupt climate change right now... which may become violent climate change in the future.

Which means we need to be mobile and flexible.
Maybe live in a Winnebago. Lease land to farm... maybe something not nearly as idyllic as I had envisioned.
That's not the safe haven I wanted for the younger members of my family to retreat to.

I'm not alone in this realization

So what might the future hold? One thing is clear: We should accustom ourselves to a much more nomadic way of life. Gradual or sudden change in our environment, about which science can do little more than offer a warning, may force unheard-of social and cultural transformations. Suppose a new volcanic eruption makes a place uninhabitable: Where will the inhabitants find a home? In the past, large population movements were spontaneous processes, full of suffering and loss of civilizations. Today, when weapons of mass destruction are available not only to states but even to local groups, humanity simply can’t afford a spontaneous population exchange.

The End of Nature

Meanwhile world leaders spar with each other as if the world's civilization did not hang in the balance. Or do they? Is it all for show? Do they know something we don't? *Shudder*

Oh, and I'm hearing that carbon capture may be required (negative emissions) to keep the warming below catastrophic levels... and we're talking just a few decades here, not the usual far off forgettable 2100.

Be afraid, be very afraid... but not so much that you don't think about what you can do to reduce emissions, create a sustainable culture, and save your families if that fails. World leaders aren't going to do it. We are.

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