Wednesday, November 17, 2010

With a dead ocean comes a dead planet

SEATTLE — States with coastal water that is becoming more acidic because of carbon dioxide should list them as impaired under the Clean Water Act, the U.S. Environmental Agency said
EPA: States Should List Coastal Waters As Impaired Due To Rising Ocean Acidification
This is a good start, albeit late.

People often forget how much we depend on the ecosystem to survive. With a dead ocean comes a dead planet.
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Off topic for this blog

Pistole had been scheduled to speak to Congress long before John Tyner became a mini-celebrity for recording himself telling TSA agents, "Don't touch my junk." That incident, as well as other revelations about a series of run-ins over the invasive body scans and enhanced pat-down techniques have led to a public outcry against the TSA's new security methods.
TSA Chief to Get Congressional Pat-Down
I just want to mention the TSA issues, groping 3 year olds, threatening folks who find the methods offensive...etc.

Perfect example of a government system gone amok. Have we no shame? Has fear caused us to completely disregard our individual need for dignity and respect? I was put off flying before this, because of the delays... now I wonder what it would take to get my to fly again.

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