Monday, November 1, 2010

There is no Frodo

We have a great common enemy
And we are addicted to it.
It is called Oil
It is called Coal
Our use of and dependency on these fossil fuels has wounded Earth
Like a cancer in its early stages, the symptoms are subtle
But the potential for this disease is so horrific many are in denial

My instincts scream to me to save my family
But I don't know how!

You see it is not so simple as it is in the stories
There is no Frodo to throw a ring into the abyss

It is appropriate to be alarmed when facing extinction.

However, it may be that climate change has lead to major evolutionary advances. We can hope.
If this is the case, if we rise to the challenge, this time could be the greatest achievement ever for mankind.

1 comment:

  1. Yes it is hard to know how to respond. First of course is knowledge of the situation which is easy if you respect sanity more then fear. Then 'think globally act locally' makes a lot of sense. If we are to be 'frogs in hot water' just staying alert to all possible opportunities for escape, is primitive but effective.