Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random Rant

 We who follow climate change and the depletion of Earth's resources often decry the fact that the general population of the planet appears to be blithely ignorant of the pending catastrophe.

If we continue BAU we're headed for as much as 7C warming in the next 90 years. That level of warming threatens civilization as we know it. It is as scary as things get.

We think a black swan event will wake them up.  But then it occurred to me we might go from an ignorant population to a  panicked one. That could be dangerous!

It also occurred to me that if scientists really think we are on the path of destruction of Earth as we know her they would do something more than they are doing. Like taking our full page ads in all the major papers all over the globe:

Get off fossil fuels or else millions will die!

I think in the next two or three decades we'll see farms abandon because of monsoonal rains and subsequent floods happening every year instead of every 100. Here. In the US.

Here's one of the reasons I started this blog. How are we going to pay for this stuff and still pay for other essentials?

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