Sunday, May 22, 2011

Locavore etc.

Nice new Farmer's Market behind Coco's on Edinger (in HB).
I also notice the local mega marts brag "California grown" for some of their produce.
Expect better labeling about where the produce was grown in the future.

I buy cage free eggs, but it appears the local farms keep the chickens in cages (but bigger cages than they used to be).
I thought this was interesting:

United Egg Producers Invite Mom and Daughter Into the Hen House
There's more at this site. See for yourself how those eggs get into the carton.

Eventually, as gas prices go higher and higher, folks in the Northeast will pay through the nose for citrus. Folks in the Southwest will pay an arm and a leg for good apples, or any other produce that needs a cold winter. Bread, and other products using wheat/corn etc. will reflect the increasing frequency of crop failures.

We hope to have a greenhouse where a couple of dwarf citrus will thrive, and perhaps even an avocado (Haas!).

I'm still torn about cows. Lots of work, but having a couple of cows would really really make us more independent of the grocery store in days to come, as crops fail due to drought and flood, and the cost of transport goes through the roof.

I have been bending my mind around the whens of all this. The hows are pretty obvious.

We have reason for optimism given California and other states taking the lead where our federal government failed. I am not sure whether China's green commitments are green or green wash. Time will tell.
Europe is doing all the right things.
But, and it's a very big but, things are happening far sooner than predicted! What civilization is doing to save itself very well may be too little too late.
I give us a 50% chance of turning it around by 2050. What chaos and misery we'll experience between now and then may shock even the pessimists. I predict a nasty decade in  the '20s... with signs of collapse or survival appearing in the '30s.

Some really interesting technologies are being explored. If any of those turn out to be magic bullets, then, maybe, we can all breath a sigh of relief, provided the technology isn't buried.

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