Saturday, April 16, 2011


The price of oil at over $100/bl is the new normal.
Everything will be more expensive and none but the rich will continue to have the money to pay for all the stuff we're used to having.
Meaning most of us will buy less stuff.
Meaning the economy can't grow.
Continued high unemployment, concurrent with stress over government deficits.
It won't get better. Yes, maybe a few blips, but the long term trend is decay of the foundations of our civilization. Climate change will contribute more and more to this process of decay.

Unless (we US) voters get the climate zombies out of government and start to invest in a new energy system.

Jeremy Leggett talks about Peak Oil, Climate Change, and the implications for business at the Greenlinks event in Hereford, 8 Feb 2011

The above is newer, but poor quality and it cuts off...
Here's a better one, but old:

It isn't hopeless yet... but close

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